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Investing in Roof Cleaning

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Question: Would you let an unqualified and inexperienced person, claiming to be a financial planner, handle your investment money?

Answer: No. You would research. You would find the best methods to obtain the best returns on your investment. You would find the best planner you could!

For the majority of us, our house is our biggest investment.

Our roof protects that investment. Yet, so many of us hire unqualified, inexperienced, "Surrey roof cleaning contractors" without doing any research on how roofs are supposed to be cleaned.

If you Google "Surrey roof cleaners" or "Vancouver Moss Removal" or "Roof Cleaner near me" - you are met with dozens of ads and different companies, all claiming to be legitimate roof cleaners and have the best can be confusing. Which one do you trust?

With so many options, most of us just go with the "lowest bidder." Which can be a huge mistake. There is a saying, Skilled labour isn't cheap, and cheap labour isn't skilled. This is very true of roof washing.

Incorrect cleaning of a roof can damage it, taking years off of its life.

RULE #1 - Never use High Pressure washers on any roofing material, even on "concrete" tile!

Roof damaged by high pressure.

THis roof was c;eaned with high pressure 2 years prior to the picture. You can see the granule loss. Under the moss the shingles had no granules left.

At New Again Exterior Cleaning we specialize in safe roof washing methods which are manufacturer approved. But everyone claims that - even the kid with his dad's pressure washer claims that! We do not use damaging high pressure or wire brushes to remove moss. Our manufacturer approved soft wash process neutralizes all organic growth and is recommended for asphalt shingle, tile, torch on, and membrane roofing systems.

Rule #2 - Roof washing requires more than one person. At least 2 people are required to clean your roof. One on the roof spraying, and one on the ground protecting your plants and property, rinsing over spray, watching the equipment to ensure there are no chemical leaks, and making sure people and pets stay out of the cleaning area.

The Cost

OK. So how much does roof cleaning cost? It varies from market to market, but a rule of thumb is that when having your roof cleaned by a qualified, experienced company, you should expect to pay about 8-10% the cost of replacement of your roof.

If your roof would cost $30,000 to replace, you should plan to invest $2500-3000 to wash it every 4-5 years. Properly maintaining your roof can help it last to its life expectancy and sometimes beyond.

But that is so much money!

True. It may seem like a lot. But consider the cost of hiring an inexperienced, uneducated, unlicensed, uninsured "power washer". Maybe this person only charges you $500. But this person pressure washes your roof. Asphalt shingle can be destroyed, concrete tile can be cracked, chipped, and have the glaze removed, taking 10 years off the life of the roof. Perhaps water gets in and damages your attic causing mold. Or maybe they do soft wash, but they use too strong of a mix, and damage the paint on your home, or kill your landscaping, or etch your windows.

Insurance won't cover willfull damage - and letting someone incorrectly wash your roof is willfull damage!

Our Guarantee.

We provide a 2 year guarantee, a 5 year warranty, and a free inspection in 1 year on all roof washes. With New Again, you are not "one and done", you are our client, and you get us for 5 years! Call us for a free consultation.

Even if you don't choose us to clean your roof, we will gladly walk you through the proper method and procedures so you can ensure that your roof is done correctly by whomever you do hire.

Call 604-999-4502, we can make your roof look new again.

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