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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Power Washing Contractor

Spring has sprung and now its time to hire a pressure washer.

But who do you hire?

How do you tell the quality companies from the scammers? Every service provider on Craigslist says they are insured, that they are experienced, and have you noticed that they all use the same pictures? Everyone claims to offer high quality?!

At New Again Exterior Cleaning, we take pride in offering our customers the highest quality, most effective exterior cleaning services in the the greater Vancouver area. But don't just take our word for it. Don't anyone's word for it! Take the time to interview all pressure washing services before hiring someone to wash your home.

Make sure that you ask these questions to ensure that you get a thorough, safe and effective cleaning for your money.

What process will you use to clean my siding, my roof, my concrete, my deck...etc?

Roof Cleaning Surrey

There is a false impression out there that high pressure is all that is needed to clean. High pressure does not mean good cleaning. In fact, the only time high pressure should be used is on very durable surfaces, like old concrete, brick, and for stripping. We have seen many damaged surfaces by inexperienced power washing contractors using high pressure.

At New Again, we specialize in soft washing. That is, we use specially formulated detergents, which allows us to wash your delicate surfaces at a very low pressure.

For your roof and house we use a mildly chlorinated soapy solution. For your wood, we use mild oxygenated bleach, for your windows we use pure water. This means less risk of damage to your expensive property. By asking this question, you are also ensuring that the company you hire uses the correct process on whatever surface they are cleaning. At New Again, we are certified in roof cleaning, window cleaning, and wood restoration and we use the lowest pressure possible on your delicate surfaces.

How will you protect my property during the cleaning process?

Any pressure washing company that stumbles over this question is not worthy to stand on your property, let alone clean it! At New Again, we take every precaution to protect your property. From our first walk around, we note any electrical outlets and cover them, we cover any items that might be damaged by water or stained by our detergents. We cover delicate landscaping, we employ ground people who rinse off over spray. We carry neutralizers for our detergents in the case of a spill or hose break. We ask about any potential drainage issues, or windows and doors that might leak and we cover them. We understand which type of glass we can and can't use razors and wool on...We could go on, but the point is, we take care to protect all of your plants and property.

How do you wash windows?

Power washing surrey

Never let a pressure washing contractor pressure wash your windows!

Even from a distance.


Power washing windows will blow out seals! It can crack glass. Our pressure washing Surrey, BC company also offers window washing. We are certified by the UAMCC in window cleaning. We use both the state of the art de-ionized water system with telescoping water fed brushes for your exterior window cleaning, and traditional mop and squeegee for your interior window cleaning.

How do you clean out gutters?

Never let a pressure washing contractor pressure wash your gutters. Why? First, high pressure can blow out the seals in the corners of your gutters, and at the downspouts, causing leaks. Second, it makes a disastrous mess, all over your patio furniture, BBQ, pool, neighbour's yard, fences, siding...everywhere. At New Again, we offer mess free gutter cleaning. We scoop into buckets, or use a vacuum, and always clean up any mess that may happen and blow off your hard surfaces.

May I see some before and after pictures?

Any pressure washing company in Delta BC that claims to provide great results should be able to show you those results. Ask to see those pictures! When browsing before and after photos, look for homes that have the same surfaces to your own. This helps you get a better idea of what your home will look like after the cleaning. If a company does not offer before and after photos, cross them off of your list. Here are some of ours.

May I see your WorksafeBC Clearance Letter?

Hiring a power washing company in Vancouver BC, rather than doing the work yourself is a good idea, because this work can be dangerous. Our industry has the HIGHEST WorksafeBC rates in the province! Make sure that the pressure washing company you hire has insurance to pay for any injuries workers may suffer on the job. Ask to see their clearance letter. Don't just blindly accept an answer of, "Yes we are covered." At New Again, we provide a copy of our WorksafeBC clearance with every quote. Yes you can hire anyone to clean for you, but remember that if the contractor you hire gets hurt on your property, he could sue you! New Again Exterior Cleaning fully worksafe compliant.

May I see your proof of Insurance?

Power washing can damage things, even when we are highly trained and experienced. We are all human after all. Some of the things that can go wrong: A ladder falls on a car, or worse - on a pet or person. Accidentally using using too strong of a chemical mix and damaging, paint, siding or landscaping, shooting a nozzle through a window, flying debris hits someone in the eye, someone trips on a hose and breaks a leg or hip...Make sure that the pressure washing company you hire has insurance, otherwise you might be liable. Ask to see proof. Don't just blindly accept an answer of, "Yes we are covered." At New Again, we provide a copy of our liability insurance with every quote.

Do you offer a guarantee for your work?

Beware of contractors that do not offer a guarantee. At New Again Exterior Cleaning, we offer several different guarantees. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We perform a walk around with the homeowner to inspect the work to ensure that you are fully satisfied before crews leave.

We offer a 3 month no clog guarantee on gutter cleaning, a 2 year guarantee on roof cleaning, with a 5 year warranty. We even give a 7 day bird poop guarantee for your window cleaning...that's right! A bird poop guarantee. If a bird poops on your window within 7 days of cleaning, we'll come back to clean it for free. Who else offers that?

Not all pressure washing companies are created equal.

By asking these questions, you can find that quality pressure washing, soft washing, power washing , or window cleaning company that truly offers exceptional service. If you ask these questions, we think you'll come to the same conclusion that we did. New Again Exterior Cleaning is a premier choice for pressure washing in Vancouver BC.

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