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Weekly Lawn Mowing Plans!

Our Popular residential Lawn mowing plan combines weekly Lawn Mowing with your spring and fall clean ups.

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Weekly Lawn Mowing from as low as $195/ month

For 1 time mowing prices check out our yardworks services


Our weekly lawn mowing plans run from April through November.

Your weekly lawn mowing visits will include:

  • a cut of your lawn with freshly sharpened blades

  • a professional trim of the borders of your lawn where it meets walkways, gardens or obstacles

  • a full debris cleanup, debris is left neatly bagged at the curb or in a green bin for collection by the city

In April and November we also include your spring and fall cleanups, which will include

  • cleanup of winter debris from all lawn areas and paved surfaces (like your curb lines, driveway, patios, walkways and deck)

All debris is left neatly bagged at the curb or in a green bin for collection by the city.

Pricing is simple. If you have a very small lawn it will be $195 per month for weekly visits. If you have a detached home with a large yard it will be $295/month.  Sometimes we need to raise the price, if the home is a corner lot or there are a lot of obstacles to trim around, but you will never be charged more than you explicitly agree to, and we really do bend over backwards to try to work with our online pricing.

Invoicing is simple. We invoice at the beginning of the month's for the following months service.

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