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The Power of Facebook To Help Your Small Business Owner Friends

You have a friend who announces that they are starting a business. You want to help them grow, so you buy a small sampling of what they sell, and then like a good friend, you cheer them on from the sidelines.

But there is something even more powerful that you can do than simply using their service or buying their product.

Recommend, review, & tell the world about them.

A happy customer who tells others is the single most powerful form of advertising for a small business. Even if it is from friends and family. As a business, we spend a small fortune, and many hours, advertising and marketing New Again each month, but nothing beats a happy client.


If I could get every customer to leave a review like this image below, we'd never have to spend a dime in advertising. 10 likes & 2 shares off this review, and several quotes submitted to folks I otherwise never would have reached. This stuff is priceless. (Thanks Sue!)

Review for New Again Exterior Cleaning

How To Help

If you have a friend or family member who has a small business, and you want to help them succeed...this is how.

1. Go to your own personal Facebook page. (Or linkedIn, Instagram etc)

2. Link to their FB page, or website, on your personal FB page (or Instagram, LinkedIn etc)

3. Include pictures of work they've done, or a product they sell

4. Highly recommend them!

5. Hit "enter" and post to your page.

It is that simple.

Community Facebook Groups

This also works in community groups. If someone asks for a recommendation, and your friend does that very thing, comment! Comment and be lavish in your praise! Link to their business page and give an example of their work. Like in the image below where someone asked for a recommendation for a deck cleaning. We didn't get this particular job - yet - but it gets our name out to anyone who is reading who may require our services in the future. (Thanks guys!)

Review for New Again Exterior Cleaning. Power Washing. Soft Washing. Roof Cleaning.

You have no idea how powerful you really are, and how much you can help your friends and family who are small business owners.

Thank you to all of our happy clients, and friends and family, who have spread the word that we are an awesome power washing, soft washing, roof cleaning and window cleaning company that services North Delta, Surrey, New West, & White Rock (Ok and sometimes Langley, Richmond, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Chilliwack and Abbotsford...)! You are the best!

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