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Increase Your Health and Safety With Us

Health and Safety missing puzzle.

Health and safety is, with out a doubt, the number one concern for business owners and managers.

As a business owner myself, my biggest concern is health and safety. Both for my clients as we work on their property, and my employees as they use powerful equipment, climb ladders and work at heights.

At New Again, we don't just clean your property we make it safer for you, your staff, and your customers.

Algae, grease, and oil build up on your commercial property are slip and fall hazards for you, your staff, and your customers.

Unclean and unsanitary dumpster pads and loading docks attract pests like rodents and is a health hazard! Check out this example of a before and after of a dumpster pad!


Before unsanitary dumpster pad


after sanitary dumpster pad

Using commercial grade equipment and biodegradable and eco-friendly soaps and degreasers, we can make your commercial property safe and healthy, at the same time as we upgrade your curb appeal!

Photo of commercial services. Pressure Washing Surrey

We offer 1 time cleanings as well as reduced rates for ongoing (bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly) maintenance.

Call TODAY 604-999-4502 to find out how we can help make your commercial property not only look New Again, but healthier and safer!

Gas Station Pads & Canopies Dumpster Pads Loading Docks Drive Thrus Walkways & Entrances Rust Stain Removal and more!

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