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The Most Dangerous Jobs in BC

Dangerous Jobs

When you think of the most dangerous jobs, what do you think of?

Surrey Pressure Washing

Firefighter? Police Officer? Paramedic? Logger? Construction worker?

MMA Fighter? lol

Surrey PRessure Washing

A good way to determine if a job is a dangerous job, is to look at the WorksafeBC (WCB) classification rates. The list is available to anyone. The dollar amount represents the amount of money an employer must pay per $100 in employee wages. So, for instance, an accounting firm must pay $0.17 cents on $100.

That’s nothing. What that means is there are not many claims in that sector, and being an accountant is a relatively safe job.

The higher the rate, higher the number of injury claims in that sector.

So what about the police officer? Well the rate for police in BC is $2.08. Which means policing is a moderately dangerous job with a fair number of claims.

Forest fire fighting, however, jumps up to a whopping $6.91! But even that doesn’t crack the top 10.

Pre-hospital emergency healthcare (Paramedics and Fire Fighters) jumps up to $9.86, which puts it at #6 on the list.

What about those logging and mining folks up north and in the interior? What about farmers? Well they don’t crack the top 5, many of them are in the top 20 though.

Strangely Llama farming is at $6.16 which is more than double that of other farming...pig farming is only $1.44. I wonder what makes llamas so dangerous?

The Top 5

So what are the top 5 jobs in BC with the most worker injuries? Let’s take a look:

#5 Framing or Residential Forming $9.91

#3(tie) Tree Topping $10.13

#3(tie) Shake/Shingle/Wood Mill $10.13

#2 Steam Cleaning, Sandblasting, or Pressure Washing of Buildings, Pools, or Parking Lots $11.21

#1 Window, Gutter, or Awning Cleaning $11.26

Look at the top two.

That’s what we do!


This is a dangerous job.

Surrey Pressure Washing

Pressure washing causes all sorts of soft tissue injuries from repetitive motion, vibrations, slips, falls, eye injuries, burns from chemicals, burns from heat, and pressure injection injuries from ruptured hoses.

Surrey Gutter Cleaning

Anytime you work from a ladder or at heights, you are at risk of falling. Hence why gutter cleaning tops the list. I know many folks who have fallen from a ladder. I get a least a couple calls every spring form an agitated wife whose 65 year old husband fell off a ladder.

Because the work is so dangerous, we have to have coverage, and we adhere to WorksafeBC rules. As a homeowner please ask to see coverage before hiring a contractor.

Get It In Writing.

We give a copy of our coverage with every quote we do. If you hire a person to clean your gutters and they fall from the roof, and they don’t have coverage, guess what?

You are liable.

Liable for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages/earnings and so on. Even if you have insurance yourself, and can afford the deductible, you could end up fighting court battles for years.

When you hire someone to clean out your gutters, or wash your house or driveway, remember to ask for proof of insurance.

Don't Let Low Price Fool You

If you are hiring the cheapest bidder, ask yourself why they are so cheap? And what could the cost be in the future? That cheap rate can become suddenly very expensive, if they fall or damage your home.

If I pay my employee $25/hr, I pay WorksafeBC $22.52 per day for that employee.

We pay over $5000/year per in WCB premiums per full time employee.

Let that sink in.

That’s one of the reason’s we charge a premium for our services. Safety training, education, certification, fall arrest equipment, and maintenance on our equipment, it all costs a lot of money. If someone is willing to clean out your gutters for dirt cheap, you need to ask yourself why that is.

This is isn't "just cleaning", it is a specialized premium service, and one of the most dangerous ones out there.

About Our Services


Using our pure water fed pole systems for exterior windows, we can safely clean most windows from the ground. Pricing starts at $129 for residential windows.


We offer a safe, mess free gutter cleaning, and you can view our pricing on our Gutter Cleaning page.

Roof Cleaning:

Our safe and mess free Roof Soft Wash service starts at $550.

If you are interested in our services, please take a look around our site and fill out the request form, or give us a call 604-999-4502

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