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Is Your Laundry Taking Forever to Dry?

Does your laundry take along time to dry? There is probably nothing wrong with your dryer. It is more than likely a blockage in your vent line.

The first sign that you have a blockage in your vent line is that your laundry takes longer to dry. If after one cycle your clothes are still damp, you likely have a blockage. If you are running your laundry longer to dry it, not only are you wasting money on your energy bill and in wear and tear on the machines and your clothes, but you could be on your way to having a fire.

Dryer vent blockages caused 16,800 residential fires last year in the US. These preventable fires caused 15 deaths, 300 injuries and about $88 million US in property damage.

Unfortunately there are no available stats here in Canada.

Blockages are usually caused by lint build up, and are most common in homes where the vent lines are vertical, have a number of corners, or are longer than 10 feet. Blockages are not just caused by lint, they can also be caused by loose socks, underwear, and even animal nests. (I once found a dead rat in a dryer vent line...)

Clean out your dryer vents annually to increase yourappliances efficiency and save money, and to prevent dryer fires!

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